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The Duration of Time Marijuana Stays in Your Body

Many companies carry out marijuana tests on their employees for different reasons. For you to work in the navy, schools, security companies or in industries that handle heavy devices, you must undergo a weed test.

The time that marijuana may stay in a person’s body is mostly dependent on the weight of the user, and the amount of body fat that the user has as well as how regular individual uses marijuana. In short, the period it takes for weed to be detected in the body varies from one individual to another. Conversely, the kind of drug test used to carry out the analysis can determine the time. The hair follicle drug test, the saliva drug test, and the urine test are some of the drug test used to test how long weed can stay in your body.

A Urine Drug Test

Today, physicians across the globe prefer using the urine drug test to test for weed.In this test, the doctors are more interested in finding if the patient has traces of THC-COOH a psychoactive compound in their urine.
It is important to note that urine test depends on the frequency of use by the patient and not on the body fat and weight of the individual. Following consumption, the THC-COOH substance can be detected within 2-5 hours. A first-time weed users will show positive results within 1-6 days following consumption, but for chronic users, the results can take up to 30 or more days.

The Saliva Test

The saliva drug test is mainly administered by police officers to drivers who seem to be driving while under the influence of drugs. In saliva, the THC compound shows up an hour after consumption, but often does not last more than 24 hours for first-time users and not last more than three days for the frequent users.

The Hair Follicle Drug Test

Even though the hair follicle test is not a conventional drug test technique for marijuana, it is the most effective marijuana test since it has a more prolonged detection time. If you smoke pot today, THC elements will be traced in your bloodstream within 168 hours and will remain there for 90 days.In this test, medical practitioners test for hair near the scrap because it shows the history of the person’s overall health and how much weed the person has consumed within three months.

The Blood Test

The blood drug test is also efficient at detecting the use of cannabis just a few hours after consumption. In this test, medical practitioners are more interested in finding the THC active substances present in weed. Traces of THC chemicals may be detected with a period of 24 hours for a first time user and within 2-7 days for a frequent user.

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